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Father murdered his daughter because she appeared in a photo on social media

A father he was arrested along with three other people, because he murdered the 18-year-old daughter of him, considering it a “shame” that he appeared in Photo which was posted on social media.

The incident happened at Pakistan and the murder was committed in Kolai-Palas valleywhen the man shot the woman.

The relatives had also requested that the 18-year-old’s friend who appeared with her in the photo be killed for reasons of honorbut her she was rescued by the policeaccording to officials.

Her father, whose name is Arslan Mohsinand three relatives were arrested and taken to court, police official Masood Khan told Reuters, adding that more arrests were imminent.

Every year, hundreds of women in Pakistan are victims of honor crimes committed by relatives who claim to be acting in defense of family honor, according to rights groups, usually in deeply conservative rural areas of the country.

Posting photos of women is considered a taboo subject in tribal areas.

Source: News Beast

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