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Kate Middleton, who “never wanted to bond with Meghan Markle”

It has been circulating for a few weeks an indiscretion according to which the Prince Harry And Meghan Markle they would be willing to mend relationships with the royal family. First of all with King Charles, which would most likely be very conducive to de-escalating all tensions for the good of the monarchy. But also with the heir William And Kate Middletonwho are rumored to be less inclined to an opening towards the Sussexes.

To reiterate the split the royal expert took care of it Omid Scobiewhich in the bomb book Endgame – released in the last few hours – claims that the Princess of Wales never really wanted to establish a relationship with her sister-in-law: «At the beginning it was both outsidertwo middle class women brought in house of Windsor and faced with lives they wouldn’t have never imagined», writes the reporter.

“Nevertheless, Kate she wasn’t interested in creating this type of bond with Meghan”, adds Scobie, former author of Finding Freedom, the unauthorized biography of the Sussexes. «On the other hand Meghan, who you perceived as solitary his experience from working royalhe hoped to find in Kate a person he could turn to for help an encouraging wordespecially in its moments more difficult».

But apparently that wasn’t the case. Because Kate “she can be cold” when she doesn’t like someone – we still read in an extract published by People – and certainly “she wasn’t a fan” by Meghan. Basically, quoting another insider, «Kate passed more time talking about Meghan than talking to Meghan.” And it still seems that «shiver playfully» when he hears the name of his American sister-in-law.

A portrait severe of the future queen consort, depicted – in another passage – as «a little girl who performs tasks well», but «terrified of her public role». On the other side is Meghan, who – whatever recent reports say – wouldn’t have no intention to set foot again London. «He no longer wants to have anything to do with the royal family». Avoiding the risk of «dive back into that soap opera».

Source: Vanity Fair

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