FBI Director on Capitol Invasion: It Was a Criminal Mode, Domestic Terrorism

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In the US news remains the invasion of the Capitol of Washington on January 6. FBI Director Christopher Ray today (02/03) accused Donald Trump supporters of domestic terrorism and vowed to hold them accountable.

“I am shocked that you, the elected leaders of our country, have been the target of an attack right here in these courtrooms,” Ray told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“It simply came to our notice then. “This is a behavior that we, the FBI, consider domestic terrorism.” completed on the subject.

It was Ray’s first appearance in Congress since Trump’s invasion, a failed attempt to prevent Congress from ratifying Joe Biden’s November election victory. USA.

That day, in a speech near the White House, the former president had called on his gathered supporters to march to the Capitol.

The Department of Justice has issued indictments against more than 300 people on criminal charges, ranging from conspiracy to assault on police and obstruction of Congress. The riots led to five deaths.

At least 18 people linked to the far-right Proud Boys have been charged and nine linked to the anti-government, paramilitary Oath Keepers have been accused of plotting to invade the Capitol since November to prevent Biden from becoming president.

Biden took office on January 20.

“They did not belong to the antifa movement”

Supporters of former President Trump have repeatedly made unsubstantiated allegations that the rioters were in fact pseudo-supporters of Trump belonging to the left-wing, anti-fascist antifa movement.

However, Ray told lawmakers today that the allegation was false, noting: “To date, we have not seen any evidence of any extremist violence by anarchists or antifa members related to the events of January 6.”

“This does not mean that we are not looking and we will continue to look, but at the moment we have not seen anything like that,” he added, according to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency.

The FBI has not yet arrested suspects in the death of Capitol Officer Brian Siknik, or in planting improvised explosive devices outside the headquarters of Republican and Democratic National Committees.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a video showing a suspect spraying pepper spray on police officers, including Siknik, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation.

The suspect has not yet been identified and it is not yet clear whether the spray contributed to the policeman’s death.

In an arrest warrant, investigators say the rioters carried weapons during the invasion of the Capitol, such as iron rods, sledgehammers, teasers, pepper spray and, in at least one case, a revolver with an external magazine.

“Everyone involved must be held accountable for their actions that day, including our former president.” said the senior Republican member of the commission, Charles Grassley. “Now, after January 6, we must seriously consider the threats of domestic extremism,” he added.

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dick Darbin, stressed that the government has not done enough to protect itself from threats from far-right extremists and white supremacists, and blamed the Trump administration for downplaying those threats.

He noted that the Trump administration had “never set up a task force to deal with the numerous incidents” from the far right, and instead focused on Black Lives Matter activists.

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