FBI documents on UFOs include “45,000 km / h boats” and “dismembered alien corpses”

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Hundreds of views UFO, strange planes that reportedly traveled at 45,000 km / h and crashes where there were no survivors are some of the eerie stories contained in its declassified archives. FBI.

Documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation reveal detailed reports of mysterious boats and a wave of sightings dating back to the 1940s.

The Sun revelations follow from the Pentagon report in June that saw the US admit for the first time that there were ATIA views which they could not explain.

Observations of flying objects have also preoccupied the FBI, which has undertaken its own investigations.

Dozens of UFO sightings during the same period as Roswell

In 1947, hundreds of UFO sightings were reported in the United States, the same year that the famous Roswell incident took place. The Roswell took place on July 8 at the Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico, where the base said at the time that it had recovered the wreckage of a “flying saucer” that had landed in the desert.

The shocking news made headlines, but the U.S. military later denied the allegations in a bizarre UFO boat, saying the object was a meteorological balloon.

A note written three years later by Special Agent Guy Hottel described “three so-called flying saucers” recovered. The note, which was released to the public in the 1970s, states that the disks were “described as circular in shape with elevated centers, about 15 meters in diameter”. The report adds: “Each was occupied by three human-shaped bodies but only 90 cm high.”

The bodies, he said, were “dressed in a very thin metal cloth”. Agent Hottel added: “Each body was tied in a manner similar to the black and white uniforms used by speed pilots and test pilots and were dismantled by the collision.”

Reports of an UFO crash with a transport plane that turned it to dust

According to newspaper records, FBI officials sent a note to Director J Edgar Hoover that the reports UFO “Were destroyed in large numbers.” Some scary sightings claim that UFOs were moving at supersonic speeds, and another said that a crash “dissolved and dusted” a transport plane.

A declassified file includes an observation by stunt pilot Richard Rankin, who saw a group of objects in Bakersfield, California, on June 23, 1947.

He says they flew at incredibly high speeds while traveling in a V formation.

Then there is veteran pilot Kenenth Arnold, who claims to have seen nine “quirky” saucers in Washington near the Cascade Mountains.

Another dossier sent to Hoover on January 31, 1949, states that airline pilots saw a wingless “rocket” accelerating to 4,000 km / h – and other documents claim that vessels were spotted at 45,000 km / h. .

In a gruesome case, Special Agent DM Ladd reportedly contacted the FBI director, saying a transport plane had collided with an “unknown rocket” in Czechoslovakia.

“The ‘rocket’ and the ferry were completely dismantled without recovering parts or survivors,” Ladd wrote.

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