SYRIZA: SOS A. Xanthou for the Pandemic – Test for vaccinated

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By Niki Zorba

For three weeks now – hesitantly at first – SYRIZA has been challenging the term (and strategy) of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. Alexis Tsipras recently said this during his tour in Thrace, while he returns with greater clarity as to the measures he is requesting, through the competent department head, Andreas Xanthos.

In an interview with (Macedonia on Sunday), o Andreas Xanthos spoke of an emergency plan in order to stop the pandemic and prevent the NSS from collapsing, directly raising the issue of measures for those who have been vaccinated.

“It is completely epidemiologically wrong for the government to say that ‘we have a pandemic of the unvaccinated’ and therefore the restrictions should apply exclusively to them. Xanthos, explaining that the epidemiological picture of the country with the deaths moving on a daily basis around 60-70 and the cases at 6-7 thousand, do not allow conditions of “normality and freedom for anyone”. He concludes that “the lockdown strategy for the unvaccinated is unscientific, inapplicable and socially divisive.”

The measures

What measures does SYRIZA request to be implemented immediately through its head of sector?

-1. Stricter health standards for all, restrictions on leisure and nightlife, measures for workplaces, means of transport, schools, universities and closed structures.

2. Request of all large private clinics for the treatment of patients with coronavirus, as well as the conversion of the military hospital 424 exclusively into a covid unit.

At the same time, the official opposition appears to be discussing the issue of extending the obligation to professional categories, considering that it should be implemented as a measure.

In the meantime, however, keeping the issue of the pandemic high on its opposition agenda, the main opposition party also took advantage of Mr. Vasilakopoulos’ recent allegations, returning the question to the prime minister:

“How many patients have lost their lives outside the ICU and in makeshift beds that christen the ICU with a ventilator? They insist on the government that two years after the outbreak of the pandemic and with more than 16,000 casualties, we do not need a ‘luxury NSS’ like did Mr. Skertsos say? “.


Source From: Capital

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