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FBI Says Frustrated U.S. Militia Conspired To Kidnap Governor Of Michigan

The FBI stated to the public that it defeated a plan by a local Michigan militia group to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer and attack the state government. Six persons involved in the case were charged. The FBI stated that the militia group planned to attack the Michigan State Capitol and use incendiary bombs to burn police cars.

The FBI learned from the internal contacts and recordings of the conspirators that the gang plans to attack and burn the vacation home of Governor Whitmer before the November 3 election, and if they cannot kill her on the spot, they will be taken away. The FBI stated that it had been investigating the gang as early as March. At that time, the gang had searched the addresses of local law enforcement officials in an attempt to commit crimes. Since then, the FBI has been collecting intelligence through informants and undercover agents.

The current Michigan Governor Whitmer is a female Democrat. The US media “POLITICO” claimed that she had been one of the candidates for the Democratic presidential candidate Biden’s vice presidential nomination.

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