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The 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature announced! American poet Louise Glick won

According to the official website of the Nobel Prize, on the afternoon of the 8th local time, the Swedish Academy awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize for Literature to American poet Louise Gluck. The awarding party said her “Poetic Voice” can “make the existence of the individual universal.”

Nobel, a Swede, wrote his will on November 27, 1895, donating his entire property of more than 31.22 million Swedish krona to establish a fund, and use interest as a bonus every year to grant “the person who has made the greatest contribution to mankind in a year”.

According to his will, the Swedish government established the “Nobel Foundation” in the same year, which is responsible for awarding the annual interest of the fund in five equal parts. The Literature Prize is one of them.

The literary award is awarded to the person who has created the best work with ideal inclination in literature. The award was awarded by the Swedish Academy from 1901. As of 2020, 117 people have won this honor.

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