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Fed: Optimism will be able to avoid a recession — Charles Evans

“We will get through this year with positive growth, but the unemployment rate is likely to rise,” he said on Thursday. Chicago Fed President Charles Evans and added that he was optimistic that they will be able to avoid a recession, as reported by Reuters.

Other conclusions

“The labor market is going to slow down.”

“We are raising interest rates on an expedited basis.”

“The first task is to get inflation back to 2%.”

“Concerned about the global economic slowdown, and that Europe will bear the brunt.”

“We should not be complacent about the US outlook given the global slowdown.”

“I’m also worried that inflation expectations will spill over the edge.”

“I expect inflation to come down.”

“Lower job offers usually means a recession, but this time it’s different.”

“It is possible that job openings will decrease without a large increase in unemployment.”

market reaction

The dollar remains strong after these comments and the us dollar index it was last up 0.45% on the day to 110.10.

Source: Fx Street

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