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Fed to cut dot plot but maintain hawkish guidance next week – ANZ

Previewing next week’s US Federal Reserve (Fed) monetary policy decision, Australian and New Zealand banking group analysts (ANZ) They pointed out that “the dot chart could be cut by more than 50 basis points“Chair Powell will need to maintain a hawkish stance during the transition to lower growth and inflation, so he is likely to emphasize patience. The long-term estimate for federal funds could rise.”

“The prolonged moderation in inflation is increasing confidence that aggregate price increases will return to target. However, inflation progress is uneven across cohorts and will take time to balance at 2.0%.”

“Inflation has performed better than expected by the Federal Open Market Committee in September. We expect the FOMC to lower the dot chart for 2023 and 2024. “Fed funds have not reached expected levels and inflation is lower.”

Source: Fx Street

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