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Federal basic education employees and technicians from Federal Institutes announce end of strike

After almost two months, teachers from the federal basic education network and administrative technicians from Federal Institutes accepted the proposals from the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services and announced the end of the strike on Saturday (22).

According to SINASEFE (National Union of Federal Employees in Basic, Professional and Technological Education), in a deliberation at the 193rd National Plenary, employees approved the proposals by 89 to 15, with six abstentions. Regarding the suspension of the strike, the decision was approved with 98 votes in favor of the end, six against and nine abstentions.

With this, the strike will be ended at the Federal Institutes, and other basic, technical and technological education units managed by the federal government, after signing the terms of agreement by the administrative technicians. The expectation, according to the union, is that signatures will take place next week.

The plenary session that voted to end the strike that began in April this year was the one with the highest participation in the history of the Union. According to the entity, 402 union members from 70 union sections participated in the deliberations, the highest number in 35 years since the creation of SINASEFE.

About the agreement

Among the points of the agreements accepted by the employees, one of the main ones is the adjustment in remuneration for both administrative technicians and teachers.

In the case of teaching careers, both higher and basic, technical and technological education, the remuneration restructuring will take place in two stages: January 2025 and April 2026. The adjustment will take place with different percentages for each class of teachers.

For administrative technicians, the salary adjustment will also take place in two stages. Being 9% in January 2025 and 5% in April of the following year.

There is also a promise in the agreement to revoke MEC ordinance No. 983, from November 2020, which changes the working hours and electronic time stamping. With the current ordinance, the teacher is obliged to work a minimum of 14 hours, if full-time, or 10 hours if part-time.

It is worth remembering that professors at federal universities also have a strike in effect. The National Union of Teachers of Higher Education Institutions (ANDES), responsible for representing these employees, until this Sunday night (23), had not yet commented on a possible end of the strike.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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