Federal Police obtained an undue advantage invoice from the MEC

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Djaci Vieira, Milton Ribeiro’s chief of staff at the Ministry of Education (MEC), revealed to the Federal Police (PF), during testimony, that he sold a car to Pastor Arilton Moura, for a low price and had not yet received the amount. The same was revealed by Victor Godoy, current head of the folder. The information is from the anchor of the CNN Daniela Lima.

According to the statement, Ribeiro commented on the episode naturally, without hiding what had happened. “It is verified by the official documentation of the transaction that it was carried out by third parties”, which would be the ex-minister’s wife and the pastor’s daughter.

In another part of the document, it is explained that the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) went to investigate what had happened in the Nova Odessa City Hall. The man who was heard explained, aiming to improve the quality of education in the municipalities in the region, sought out pastors Ailton and Gilmar Santos, with the knowledge that evangelical leaders were developing a work of articulation with Ribeiro.

From there, the said man met with the pastors in a hotel in Brasília. Arriving at the place, he was received by Luciano Mussi, MEC manager, who was identified as the pastor’s advisor.

Through Arilton, the person was attended by Ribeiro at the ministry’s headquarters. On the occasion, the former minister even recorded a video committing to take the itinerant cabinet to the city of Nova Odessa.

In order to hold the event, the pastor requested that the ticket of his “private entourage” be paid, which Mussi was part of. The information can be confirmed in Piracicaba City Hall invoices.

Source: CNN Brasil

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