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Federal Revenue makes R$6 million in seized products available to families in RS

The Federal Revenue announced, this Friday (8), that it made available around R$6 million in seized products to families affected by the extratropical cyclone that passed through Rio Grande do Sul.

There are around 30 thousand pieces of clothing, footwear, hygiene items, bed and bath items.

The items came from seizures carried out in recent months in the three southern states of Brazil and will begin to be delivered in the coming days.

VIDEO – RS residents face destruction after cyclone

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Aid of R$800

The acting president, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), also announced this Friday that the Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight Against Hunger — commanded by Wellington Dias — will release R$800 for each person affected by the disaster in the South from the country.

Around 20,000 basic food baskets must also be sent to the local population.

“As of today we are releasing it. The money is not for the person, but for the city hall. It doesn’t matter your age, whether you are a child or an elderly person, the money will be paid to the municipality per person”, declared Alckmin.

Alckmin and ministers are expected to visit Rio Grande do Sul this Sunday (10).

Also according to Alckmin, the Ministry of Health sent 15,000 kits with medicines to the region. The SUS National Force was activated and the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Hospital, in Porto Alegre, received support from the ministry, added the acting president.

Situation in RS

The Civil Defense of Rio Grande do Sul announced, this Friday, that the number of missing people rose from 25 to 46 in the state.

21 new missing persons were recorded in the city of Muçum, from nine to 30. The remaining cases were in Arroio do Meio and Lajeado, eight in each municipality.

The number of cities in a state of calamity also increased, from 79 to 83, according to information from the federal government.

The inclusion of the new municipalities in the Official Gazette should be done today, said the Minister of Integration and Regional Development, Waldez Góes.

The number of deaths remained at 41, in the following cities:

  • Southern Cross: 4
  • Enchanted: 1
  • Star: 2
  • Ibiraiaras: 2
  • Immigrant: 1
  • Lajeado: 3
  • Castilian bush: 1
  • Muslim: 15
  • Deep Step: 1
  • Rock Sales: 10
  • Santa Teresa: 1

So far, 3,037 people have been rescued. 83 municipalities were affected.

The number of homeless and displaced people stands at 2,944 and 7,607, respectively. The number of people affected by the natural phenomena in the state is 122,992, leaving 43 people injured.

The concepts of homeless It is displaced are different. Homeless It is the one who lost his home It is is in a public shelter. O displaced he had to leave his home – he didn’t necessarily lose it – It is It is not in shelters, but in the home of a relative, friend or acquaintance, for example.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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