Fedez and his new tattoo, dedicates to his children Leone and Vittoria: “For the strength that you have managed to give me”

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A new tattoo, a symbol of rebirth, which is also a special dedication to those who, more than anyone else, have given them the strength to face treatment and illness: Fedez thus explained, to the followers, the phoenix on the back, and which descends to the left thigh.

«The phoenix squeezes the needle of the stitches in its claws and is reborn from the ashes generated by the fire lit by my children. For the strength you managed to give me in this new chapter of my life. Leone and Vittoria», these are the words of the rapper, who in a short time have made the rounds of the web and full of likes.

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The reference is to the disease that struck him almost a year ago, a pancreatic cancer, fortunately discovered in time and successfully operated. The fear was great, as told by himself last July to Vanity Fair. “I wanted to know everything. All. The doctors were clear: “You can get out of this operation alive, die in the following days, or not make it during the operation. It lasted six and a half hours. But it went well and I’m now, let’s say, 99 per cent out of harm’s way.” An experience that changed him profoundly. «I understood above all how one she is waste of time to give way to easy controversies. I used to be guided by my belly, now I have different priorities because the time we have on this earth is limited. And I don’t want to waste it anymore.”

Time for the family, above all, but also for many new projects, benefits first of all. There is so much to do, and Fedez knows it.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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