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Fedez and the attack on Cristiano Iovino: the complaint, the witnesses and the rapper's version

The name of Fedez has been circulating insistently in the last few hours regarding the attack on Cristiano Iovino, the personal trainer attacked a few days ago in Milan and who has become famous in spite of himself for being «the coffee man» which is discussed in Unica, the Netflix docu-film on Ilary Blasi.

Fedez at the Book Fair: «Young people want to know about Gaza, not what I do at night»
The rapper, in Turin for a meeting on the importance of young people's mental health, openly took sides: “A genocide is taking place: we need a position.” And on the beating of Iovino: “I wasn't there” (but he was reported)

Iovino would have been the victim of a real ambush by some AC Milan ultras after leaving a well-known club in Milan. Inside the club, also frequented by well-known names, that same evening there would also have been Fedez and one of his friends, Jack Vanore, former tronista of Men and women.

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Fedez: «two witnesses recognized him under the house of Cristiano Iovino», the personal trainer of Unique beaten in Milan
After the brawl last April in a club and the punitive expedition against the man, carried out (apparently) by some AC Milan ultras, the artist's name is back in circulation with insistence. According to the latest rumours, he would have been recognized outside Iovino's house during the attack, but he would not have participated directly

There would have been one between Iovino and Fedez «brawl in the club's private room», writes the Corriere della Sera, born after an alleged comment about a girl who accompanied the rapper. The details are not clear, but it is certain that on the night between April 21st and 22nd Iovino was attacked in via Traiano, in the CityLife area by some people. A group of boys, some witnesses told the authorities, got out of a black van: a surefire ambush. Iovino, treated on site, he said he did not know his attackers and also refused to press charges. In the hands of the investigators, however, there would be videos of the area and the testimonies of the bouncers of the place where the brawl had taken place shortly before, which seems to have been really important, complete with overturning of chairs and tables.

In short, one word would have gone much further, so much so that Jack Varone made a public denial via social media about his alleged involvement. At first, there seemed to be no trace of the rapper in Via Traiano, but now things have changed. According to what he reports The Republic, two witnesses would have recognized Fedez outside Iovino's house, he would also have been in the group that got out of the van to beat up the personal trainer. The rapper denied his involvement. Guest at the Salone del Mobile in Turin to talk about mental health, in the end he went well beyond the topic by focusing on his personal events, specifically the events of the night of the fight and the attack on Iovino. «I wasn't there, and you can't see anything on the camera», Fedez said. «There is talk of nine people who massacred one person, all AC Milan ultras. The person is attacked, the ambulance arrives but is not taken to hospital.” he then continued, “everyone is talking about a massacre, but if this person was not taken to hospital there is no medical report and he did not report it, what are we talking about?”. Cristiano Iovino has 90 days to file a complaint, so not having presented it yet proves nothing. Iovino would have refused transport to hospital, but that doesn't mean there isn't a report. Fedez, however, downplays it: «Moreover shortly after he went dancing in Ibiza. If it wasn't for my name there wouldn't be any news.” For the rapper, the press rages against him and exploits his name to feed trivial news in the face of the problems that afflict the world, however, when the small news was positive, from the red carpets to her wedding, there was no trace of complaints.

What arouses interest (and suspicion) for now are above all the AC Milan ultras present that evening in the club together with the rapper, who lately would have often been seen in the company of some members of the Rossoneri curve. Could it be they who attacked Iovino? It's difficult to speculate for now, but it seems that Fedez is under investigation for brawlingwe read on Corriere della Sera. The rapper's lawyer, Gabriele Minniti, specified: «We learned the news this morning from the newspapers, my client, so far, has not been served any document. We await the work of the investigators.”

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Fedez, public outbursts aside, is more than calm. In the last few hours he was spotted in Veneto, where he took a ride in a Porsche and then treated himself to lunch at Locanda Sandi in Valdobbiadene. The short trip was also an opportunity to meet Alberto Ferrarini, mental coach and numerologist who on his website defines himself as a “soul motivator”. Fedez is a great enthusiast of numerology and tarot cards, as emerged during the first season of The Ferragnez. It has always been his grandmother Luciana Violini who read his cards, but this does not mean that one can also turn to a “professional” in the sector, a sort of “numbers wizard” as Fedez himself defined him in The Ferragnez explaining to Francesca Michielin what the work of a numerologist consists of. Who knows if the latest magical indications are lucky.

While waiting to discover the future, Fedez focuses on social issues. The last commitment? A visit to a facility of the Andrea Tudisco Association, which in Rome will host children forced to undergo hospital treatment and their families. Activities that are definitely far removed from the busy Milanese nights.

Source: Vanity Fair

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