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Former BBB Lumena reveals that she suffered a miscarriage: “I was a mother for a few months”

On Mother's Day, on Sunday (12), the former BBB Lumena Hallelujah 33, revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in 2022. She published ultrasound images and said she was cured of “emotional and physical pain”.

“In 2022, I was a mother for a few months. Sharing this with you is part of the closing of a very important cycle in relation to this chapter of my life. Today, finally healed from the emotional and physical pain resulting from a miscarriage, I take courage to thank this spirit of light who fulfilled his mission together with my soul and my womb”, she wrote.

“A stage that meant a mixture of feelings and sensations. It was lived in silence, divided between a few (my eternal gratitude to my mothers, my sisters and friends). I still have the dream of being a mother within me. Without any romanticization, I truly believe in the power of this experience for any human being. Congratulations to all the brave ones”, she concluded.

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Another ex-BBB also used social media on Mother's Day to vent about miscarriage. Rafa Kalimann revealed that he recently went through this trauma.

“I have been living in these last few days with a very big vacuum, with a lot of grief,” said she, who said she was a mother, “despite God not allowing me to hold my son,” she wrote.

“Many women go through this [aborto espontâneo]I just don’t understand when they say it’s normal, because this pain isn’t normal, it’s very deep, difficult to digest and I don’t know if it can be cured”, he added.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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