Felicittà, the first Festival dedicated to Mental Health arrives in Milan

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“There is still too much reticence to speak freely about mental health, but the complex period we are living through, between pandemic and war, has made everyone focus a little on their own mental wellbeing, often considered of lesser importance than physical one. I believe that, finally, we are approaching the breaking of a secular taboo ». To affirm it is Danila De Stefanoclinical psychologist and founder of Unobravothe startup that, by offering online psychology services at controlled prices, has become a reference point for thousands of patients.

Supported by her team, the young psychologist decided that the month of May, dedicated to mental health, was the ideal time to be known “live” by organizing Happinessthe first mental health festival, to be held on Saturday 21 May at the Combo Milano.

“Strongly convinced that it is important to bring mental health into people’s daily lives, even just by talking about it, – he says – we decided to organize this day to offer the public the opportunity to hear stories, experiences and reflections related to this issue from guests very different from each other, including institutional interlocutors, sector specialists, partner companies, startuppers, digital content creators, influencers and writers, who will help us to normalize access to psychological support for all, to be understood both in a therapeutic and as a means to cultivate one’s psychological well-being on a daily basis ».

Happiness, It is keen to underline the creator inserted among the Under 30s of Forbes Italia, it is a free event open to all so that a connection can be created as well as a conscious dialogue on how to prevent and deal with situations of psychological malaise.

«We will address the centrality of mental health in various contexts, including organizational well-being in the corporate world and the relational one, often undermined by stereotypes that fuel the sense of guilt. We will also dwell on on the influence social media has on our mental health, our perception of ourselves and our self-esteem»He adds, trusting the desire to transform the typical phrase” you need a good one “, from which the startup takes its pleasant name, from an offense to an opportunity to take care of one’s psychological well-being.

“Talking about it, talking about it and talking about it in every suitable occasion, will lead more and more to normalize and break down the stigma,” he repeats.

And, in fact, during Happiness, we will talk a lot about mental health, always ensuring professionalism and competence. The gaze will also be aimed at art: “Through artistic expression one can deepen one’s inner research and shift the focus of one’s mind towards thoughts of value that generate constructive comparisons and relationships, based on respect for the dignity of oneself and of others . Visual representations represent a further method to reach people’s awareness »declares De Stefano.

Proof of this will be the Mental travelthe project curated by Mattia Caracciolo, illustrator of Unobravowho, together with the artists Antonio Colomboni, Mattia Riami, Adry De Martino, Nicoletta Morrone and Andrea Metafuni, will exhibit original works that illustrate the ten points of the Manifesto of emotional welcomedepicting places of the mind as well as stages of a journey to reach goals of being never contemplated.

“This manifesto that we will all sign together it is a sort of guide with the principles useful to make possible a new interpretation of feelings: taking care and respecting our emotions like those of others means welcoming the lights and shadows of the human experience, normalizing the emotional spectrum and promoting a climate of dialogue and sharing “explains the psychologist, reiterating that the works will be on sale to raise funds in support of Club Ithacacenter for the socio-working autonomy of people with mental illness, promoted by the project Itaca Milanan association committed to the promotion of mental health.

Information, awareness and charity are, therefore, the cornerstones of Happiness which, as the creator proudly foretells, will also arrive in other Italian cities to promote the value of a peaceful and fulfilled life that always originates in a healthy mind, and without taboos.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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