Feminist strike in France on Monday

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“Without women, the world stops”, organizations and activists on Monday called for a “feminist strike” and demonstrations across France on March 8 to denounce the injustices suffered by women, which are intensified by the health crisis.

For International Women’s Day, a symbolic date formalized in 1977 by the UN, 37 trade unions, women and political organizations launched a united movement to “End discrimination and sexist and sexual violence“There are those who were renamed” first in the chores “of the crisis.

“On March 8, we will strike with women all over the world to refuse to pay the price of the crisis with our work, our salary, our body,” said organizations such as the General Labor Confederation on Monday. CGT), Solidaires (Solidarity), Osez le féminisme (Dare feminism), Planning familial (Family Planning) and Collectif national pour les droits des femmes (National Association for the Rights of Women).

Rallies will be held throughout France.

The persistence of wage disparities, the highlighting of women-dominated occupations, the psychological consequences of quarantine, the rise of domestic violence: this March 8th marks the first year of a global health crisis with unprecedented consequences.

«The epidemic showed the women who are at the front, through various professions but also at home“, estimates Mireig Stivalas of the CGT union.

In a rare joint statement, seven major unions called for the start of negotiations on “Adjustment of the salaries of professions dominated by women”.

Nurses, nursing assistants, women in nursing care, cashiers, domestic helpers, babysitters… Although women represent 70% of front-line people during the health crisis, they make up only 24% of those in charge recalls a poll conducted on behalf of the Focus 30 association, which cites figures from NGO Care International, for decision-making on the organization of responses.

Also, according to the same research, more than one in 5 (22%) “have suffered from emotional stress or psychological problems” since the onset of the crisis, versus 14% of men.

Women “tend to take more advantage of the teleworking opportunity, so they do not have to hire someone to take care of the children after school, which means saving money. However, this can pose a risk to professional evaluation or promotion prospects, “Marie Merca-Bren, a law professor at Sciences Po Paris and a researcher on discrimination and gender, told AFP.

«A feminist strike is a strike from work“in the sense of the employee, but it is also an invisible attitude of work at home, to denounce the mental burden and inequalities in the division of labor”, underlines Miriel Zilber of the Solidaires union.

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