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Fernanda Torres admits that she treated Tony Ramos badly in the past: “I’m ashamed”

Fernanda Torres 58, admitted that he did not treat Tony Ramos 75, at their best when they worked together on the remake of “Stone Jungle” shown in 1986.

In an interview with the Arena dos Saberes program, on TV Cultura, the actress stated that she was unable to deal with the intense pace of recording and, as a result, ended up mistreating her co-stars.

At the time, in addition to starring in films such as “The Marvada Meat” (1985) and “Excuse me, I’m going to fight” (1986), Fernanda delved into television drama and played Simone Marques, Cristiano’s romantic partner, played by Tony Ramos, in the plot of Janet Clair.

According to the artist, she only accepted the role of her first protagonist in a soap opera due to her arrogance as a young girl. “I hated it. I hated it. That role as a young girl, who kept crying, and I didn’t know the recording volume”, she said about the traumatic experience.

Due to her professional dissatisfaction, Fernanda Torres considered abandoning her acting career and had a habit of taking out her frustration on her co-stars — something she regrets today.

“I became a monster. I’m ashamed of Tony to this day [Ramos], I apologize. I became a horrible co-worker, I became moody”, recalled the actress.

Source: CNN Brasil

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