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Possible photo editing of Beatriz Reis “cuts” Matteus’s ear, and he reacts

A photo published on Instagram by the ex-BBB Beatriz Reis with your confinement colleague Matthew Amaral generated comments on the internet about a possible editing made by her. The gaucho himself ended up commenting and suggested changing the image.

Along with other former BBBs, Beatriz Reis is in Maranhão to attend the event Saint John of Thay, organized by the influencer Thaynara OG . On her Instagram, she published a photo with Matteus Amaral and Marcus. Users quickly pointed out that Bia edited the photos with the two of them.

In the photo with Matteus, internet users praised the former BBB’s ear, more specifically how it appears to be cut. “Bia used so much Photoshop in the photo that she cut off Matheus’s ear”, commented one profile.

It didn’t take long for Matteus himself to comment. “You cut off my ear, girl,” he wrote.

In the photo with Marcus, the comments were that Beatriz “tuned” her arm a lot. “What happened to her arm,” one user commented. “I think she tuned it in,” said another.

Check out the photos:

Source: CNN Brasil

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