Finale of X Factor 2022, Fedez: «No anxiety, in Sanremo instead you feel like in a dog competition»

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Ste are almost at the end. The judges and finalists of this edition of X Factor 2022 they prepare to face the last test of the talent show. Beatrice Quinta, Linda, French Saints and Tropea they are the artists who have reached the last step of the competition, accompanied by the four judges Dargen D’Amico, Fedez, Rkomi And Amber Angiolini.

From the conference room of the Mediolanum Forum of Assago the sound of the competitors’ rehearsals is heard, engaged in the last sound checks before the final, which will be held Thursday 8 December to the Forums at the gates of Milan, for one direct live of the last clash, visible from 21.15 on Sky and streamed on NOW TV.

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Obviously, after her first debut as a host on the stage she knows best, she will be there to lead the evening Francesca Michielin. The presenter has a surprise for the last episode: in fact, she will duet with all the competitors in the first of the three heats, in four featuring different: «I feel a lot of emotion but the level is so high that I’m perceiving everything as a party. I told the boys: “enjoy it, I’ll try it too”». She will be the one to announce the winner 11 years after her victory: «That’s what excites me the most». After X Factor however, she decided to take a break from television, Sanremo in primis: «I was able to work on myself as a person and as a professional. But now I want to focus on the music, leave it in first place».

After each heat, through the televoting, the big news this year, the public will decide which competitor will have to leave the race. The second phase of the competition will be the Best Of, in which each artist remaining in the competition will have to perform in one medley of the songs created during the live episodes. The judges will not only be seated at the table, but will each make a performance.

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The guests of the evening will be the Nuclear Tactical Penguins hey Meduza.

The judges of X Factor 2022.

Rkomi and French Saints

The serious side of Rkomi is only a facade: in reality there is a great complicity with the French Saints: «We are brothers of the same dream» said the singer. «The coolest thing about Mirko (Rkomi, ed) is that it has given us the opportunity to express ourselves without distorting ourselves, but encouraging us to go further. We entered without pretensions, we wanted to communicate only through the vibes of the stage, e.g XFactor he allowed it.”

Will there be a collaboration between the Milanese rapper and his roaster duo? “Now let’s think about the final but it would be nice,” says Rkomi.

Dargen and Beatrice Quinta

The duo made up of Judge Dargen and contestant Beatrice Quinta is the most colorful and pop of the edition. «We met at the auditions and her unpublished work immediately intrigued me. I did little, she flourished by herself», says Dargen. Beatrice counters: «She did more than she says. We really were a duo, we complemented each other. I won’t let him leave me now.”

Beatrice Quinta.

Amber and Tropea

Tenacity, heart and ballot: this is how you can describe the strange pairing between Ambra Angiolini and the indie group Tropea. Famous for going to the ballot in every episodethey joke: «We have reached the playing time record of XFactor after all our ballots. We’re almost relaxed after everything we’ve been through.” The judge traces the story of their meeting behind the scenes of the program: “I started by calling them”my favorite assholes”, now I say that I learned more from them than they from me. Their desire to make music is a beautiful example». The indie pop group does not yet have plans for glory for the future: «We are happy with the path we have taken. Ambra’s screams while we sing are what excites us the most, she was our guiding spirit ».

Fedez and Linda

Since the beginning of this edition Fedez said he took a step back, to work without distractions and emotional involvement. Too bad he met Linda, as fragile as she is emotionally powerful. «We have built a “heartbreaking” human relationship». Linda at the Best Of phase, will bring a true exegesis of her path: from Coraline, the song by Maneskin that she brought to auditions, to the last song presented at live performances. «Fedez was the rock you stick to while everything sucks» she comments.

Fedez: Sanremo, a new single and the response to criticism of the program

From Fedez, not only X Factor but also some comment on San Remo: «I will definitely go to the festival as my wife is one of the presenters. but I want to emphasize this: X Factor it doesn’t make me nervous about television. Sanremo instead made me a fucking fear. People look at you to judge you, you feel like you are in a dog beauty pageant».

The singer-songwriter, in the sixth edition as a judge of X Factor, responded to the latest rumors that speak of the hypothesis that the program passes from Sky to Rai. «In this edition, I finally breathed the atmosphere that prevailed exactly 4 years ago. This thing hasn’t happened for quite a while, and the numbers prove us right – confirmed Fedez – I’m here for the next edition, wherever it will be».

On the occasion of the last episode, the artist will present his new single state crisis. On the cover, his version without tattoos: “I wanted to get naked. 2022 has been a year full of good and bad surprises for me. Here, it’s just me with my scar. My way to close a circle », she commented.

The comments of Fedez and Rkomi after the last episode

In the penultimate live episode of the programthe elimination of the Omini upset Fedez, who at the time poured his anger on Rkomi and Dargen, and then burst into tears at the end of the programme. In the press conference, the singer also spoke about this: «A tough bet. This program is amazing, I crash into it every year. I took a step back so as not to get too emotional, and despite this I didn’t make it – he commented – A truly sincere relationship was born with Mirko: we fuck each other then we lock ourselves in the dressing room and crying I apologize to him. What happened in the last episode is the most true thing you can see on television».

Source: Vanity Fair

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