Finally J Balvin shows his face and apologizes even to his mother for the video ‘Bitch’

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Just a few months ago, singer J Balvin complained about the lack of inclusion in the Latin Grammy Awards, claiming that they do not value or have respect for singers of the urban genre. René Pérez Joglar, better known as Residente, answered him in a very intelligent way, saying that his music is like a shopping cart. hot dogs and now we believe that he is totally correct.

With his latest single called Bitch, which he did in collaboration with the Dominican rapper Tokischa, made it very clear to us that his music has no respect at all. After weeks full of criticism for the video, J. Balvin finally confirmed that he would remove it from YouTube and then apologized.

The video of the song included in the album Joseph It was released at the beginning of September and from the first minute it was on the platform it received criticism from hundreds of users who say that the lyrics of the first single contain a high degree of racism and misogyny.

The singer’s own mother, Alba Mery, expressed her dissatisfaction with the images, lyrics and actions that were shown for about three minutes in the video. According to Mery, the song was not from the “Josesito” that she knew.

Vice President of Colombia at a press conference

In addition, the vice president of Colombia, Marta Lucía Ramírez, did not hesitate to say something about it and in a statement reported that the video denigrates the woman.

The lyrics of the song have direct and open sexist, racist, macho and misogynistic expressions that violate the rights of women, comparing them to an animal that must be dominated and mistreated, with expressions that are not worth repeating.

Faced with so much pressure, which was no wonder, the singer decided to publish a video on his Instagram account in which he explained that he would withdraw it from the YouTube platform and in which he also asked a sincere apology to both his mother and all the others. women and people who were offended by the situation.

First, I want to offer my apologies to everyone who was offended, especially women and the African American community. That is not part of what I have always expressed, mine has always been tolerance, love and integration. As a way of answering and, obviously, respect, I will download the video. And seeing that they continued with the criticism and with the whole situation, that is why here I am showing my face and talking about it.

Mother, excuse me, my idea is to keep getting better every day.

Singer Tokisha lecturing on the song Bitch

Tokischa composed the song with Balvin and other authors and defended it despite criticism, but did not get the response he expected from either the public or his fans. The video was directed by the singer’s manager, Raymi Paulus, in the Dominican Republic and, according to his statements, that the actors appeared interacting like dogs has to do with the realities of the neighborhoods, although he assures that everything was taken out of context.

This is Balvin’s second controversy in a short time and because of how the situation looks, it is possible that now, the Grammys do not even want to turn to see the singer for any reason.

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