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Find out how the public evaluated each BBB24 leader

New to Big Brother Brasil 24, the “Leader Poll” allows the public to participate and give their opinion on the game. In this edition, fans of the reality show have the chance to give feedback on the week's leadership, through voting on Gshow.

Always at the end of his term, the leader has access via “Central” to what the popular opinion was regarding his performance at that moment in the game, in which emojis represent the evaluation.

The public options are: Alert; Doubtful; Ninja; Bold; Difficult; Lucky and Hidden.

See the evaluation of each BBB24 leader

  • Deniziane (1st leader): Ninja
  • Rodriguinho (2nd leader): Alert
  • Lucas Henrique (3rd leader): Alert
  • Matteus (4th leader): Ninja
  • Rodriguinho (5th leader): Alert
  • MC Bin Laden (6th leadership): Alert
  • Fernanda (7th leader): Ninja
  • Lucas Henrique (8th leader): Alert
  • Raquel (9th leader): Alert
  • Beatriz (10th leader): Ninja

Source: CNN Brasil

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