Find out how the queen’s funeral will be, which takes place this Monday (19)

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The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will take place this Monday (19) at Westminster Abbey in London. The ceremony is expected to start at 7 am, Brasília time.

The queen’s coffin has been at the Palace of Westminster since Wednesday, when it arrived from a procession from Buckingham Palace.

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Since then, the vigil for the monarch’s coffin has been open to the public. The wake will conclude at 2:30 am (6:30 am London time).

The coffin will be carried in procession from the Palace to the Abbey. The ceremony will last one hour.

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With the beginning of the funeral, the melody “Last Post” will be played, followed by two minutes of silence and still reading of lessons and moments of prayer. The national anthem will mark the closing ceremony.

Who will be attending the queen’s funeral?

While the royal family has not released an official guest list, the funeral is expected to have around 2,000 people.

The ceremony will be attended by heads of state and representatives of foreign governments, including foreign royal families, governors-general and prime ministers of the Realms.

US President Joe Biden was one of the first to confirm his presence at the event. Japanese Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako will also travel to London, as will other global leaders.

Representatives from the Kingdoms and Commonwealth, the Orders of Chivalry – including Victoria Cross and George Cross recipients, government – ​​Parliament and the Returned Assemblies, the Church and Her Majesty’s Patronages will also form the congregation.


The coffin will follow in procession to Windsor Castle. During the night, the Queen will be buried along with the Duke of Edinburgh – Prince Philip, who was the Queen’s husband – in a private ritual at the King George VI Memorial Chapel.

Among the solemn acts foreseen, there will be the driving of the coffin to the royal vault, under the reading of a psalm by the rector of Windsor. The service will end with the national anthem.

security scheme

London’s chiefs of police are bracing for a tight security scheme, balancing the need to protect the world’s top leaders and dignitaries with the public’s desire to mourn the monarch’s death.

Codenamed “Operation London Bridge”, the funeral arrangements for the longest-serving monarch had been carefully scrutinized for years by the many agencies involved and the Queen herself signed off on all the details before her death.

The London Metropolitan Police, the City of London Police and the British Transport Police will be involved.

The gigantic logistical operation also involves numerous other sectors, such as medical service, road closures and toilet and street cleaning scheme.

About 2,000 volunteers and staff at St. John Ambulance will provide 24/7 support in London and Windsor.

Fire safety inspections were carried out in more than 40 central transport hubs and also in around 160 in hotels, restaurants, shops, among other establishments.

Some have compared the event to the London Olympics, but in fact, the state funeral – the first in Britain since Winston Churchill died in 1965 – will likely trump the 2012 sporting extravaganza.

In an interview with Sky News earlier this week, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said of the scale: “If you think about the London marathon, the carnival, the previous royal weddings, the Olympics – it’s all of that in one.”

Assistant Deputy Commissioner Stuart Cundy told reporters this is set to be “the biggest global protection operation the Metropolitan Police has ever undertaken” as “hundreds of world leaders and VIPs” are in London.

When asked specifically how high-profile guests would be transported to London’s Westminster Abbey for the funeral service, Cundy declined to give specific details, saying it would not be conducive to a “safe event”.

Invitations were sent to world leaders, politicians, public figures and European royalty, as well as more than 500 international dignitaries.

The British government is taking the lead on logistics but declined to comment on specific “operational security arrangements”.

“Everything will have been negotiated,” Morgan said, explaining that some concessions were made. There simply aren’t enough police and protection agents to escort everyone who would normally welcome her on an independent visit.

So people are being brought together on a logistical basis,” Simon Morgan, who now runs the private security firm Trojan Consultancy, told CNN .

According to Morgan, the operation was created in 1960 and is subject to review at least three times a year.

“Elements are discussed and indeed some elements have already been used in isolation,” he said, citing the Queen Mother’s funeral in 2002, royal weddings and the Platinum Jubilee as examples.

White House aides declined to provide specific security details for President Biden’s visit, but say they are working with their British counterparts to ensure presidential security demands are met.

The FBI will monitor possible threat streams and will share any information with the UK security service MI5. When reports emerged last week that world leaders would be busing to the funeral, US officials were skeptical and rejected a suggestion that Biden travel to Westminster Abbey by bus.

In 2018, when other world leaders traveled together on a bus to a World War I memorial in Paris, then US President Donald Trump traveled separately in his own vehicle.

The White House explained at the time that the separate trip was “due to security protocols”.

Bolsonaro in London for Queen’s Farewell

King Charles III received presidents, prime ministers and monarchs from around the world at Buckingham Palace on Sunday, the day before the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. This was an opportunity for the UK to have the new monarch recognized.

President Jair Bolsonaro arrived on Sunday morning in the English capital, visited the coffin in Westminster Hall and paid tribute to the Queen.

At the Brazilian embassy, ​​the president was received by a group of around 100 supporters, all with Brazilian flags.

Speaking from the balcony, Bolsonaro said that this is a moment of regret for the United Kingdom. He spoke to supporters about election campaign points and said he will win the election in the first round.

The president’s entourage also includes the first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, pastor Silas Malafaia, former government communications secretary Fabio Wajngarten, in addition to his sons Flávio Bolsonaro and Eduardo Bolsonaro.

*With information from Lianne Kolirin, Renata Souza, Mariana Janjácomo and Lucas Rocha

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Source: CNN Brasil

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