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Fire in Brasília National Park affects an area equal to 5,000 soccer fields

Firefighters and firefighters are working hard to fight the fire that returned to Brasília National Park this Friday (16), and has already reached 5,000 hectares equivalent to at least 5,000 football fields, according to the Chico Mendes Institute for Conservation and Environment. Environment (ICmbio).

The National Forest also has records of fire outbreaks, but under control. Brasília had no rain for 132 days, it was the worst drought in the last 52 years. On Friday afternoon, areas of the city registered rain showers.

The National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) recorded the lowest humidity and heat record last Wednesday (14), the day it started another major fire outbreak in the Brasília National Park, affecting almost 15% of the forest area.

On this day, official thermometers registered 35.2ºC, the hottest time of the day. The relative humidity of the air was below 11%, very similar to the Sahara desert climate, which favors fires. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that the ideal is 60% humidity.

The new fire registered in the Park is in the northern part, between the Três Barras and Milho Cozido streams. There were two severe fire lines, called south and north: In the south line, the fire has already been controlled and is close to extinction; on the north line, two more aircraft were activated. The fire is expected to be extinguished within the next two days.

In this action, there is air and ground combat, with five aircraft, 25 vehicles and five water trucks, in addition to 30 firefighters. This Friday (16), ICMBio began operating with a helicopter.

In the Brasília National Forest, two fires were detected, already controlled: One of them is located in the center of the National Forest and the other, close to Córrego Currais, in the south of the UC, close to BR 070.

Fifteen firefighters, ten from ICMBio and five from Instituto Brasília Ambiental (Ibram) are fighting the flames.

In addition to them, the event has the support of the Environmental Military Police of the Federal District and the intelligence service of the Fire Department.

The fire is under control and the firefighters are still under surveillance to prevent further ignitions. The area affected by the fire is estimated at 88.6 hectares.

Residents found two puppies of wild dogs and were taken to the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Brasília. But according to the Institute, Cerrado animals are able to adapt to the climate and take refuge from these fires when they approach their habitat.

In addition, from the activation of the Forest Fire Prevention and Combat Plan (PPCIF), the action counts on the sum of efforts and support of 50 ICMBio servers and collaborators, 100 combatants from the Military Fire Department of the Federal District ( CBMDF) and 21 employees of the Brasília Environmental Institute (Ibram).

Inspection teams from ICMBio, from the Operations Group in the Cerrado of the Environmental Military Police Battalion of the Federal District (GOC/BPMA/PMDF) and CBMDF vehicles continue to be monitored at the Federal Conservation Unit to prevent new outbreaks of fire.

Source: CNN Brasil

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