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Firefighters ban four-block parades in Rio this weekend

Nearly 10,000 people had their weekend schedule cancelled. This was the estimated audience for four pre-carnival blocks that would parade in Rio de Janeiro this Saturday (28), but were banned by the Fire Department for not presenting the required documentation for this type of event.

The biggest one was the “Soul da Gema”, which, alone, would take around five thousand people to the edge of Barra da Tijuca, in the west zone.

On Ilha do Governador, in the north zone, the “20 de Ouro do” will also not be able to go out, affecting an estimated audience of four thousand people.

The other two blocks that were prohibited from circulating are the “Nem Muda Nem Sai de Top”, in Tijuca, in the north zone, and the “Carnaval do Museu do Pontal”, in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in the west zone.

Parades that have infrastructure such as stages, electric trios and bleachers must be legalized with the corporation.

The documentation required for the process varies according to the characteristics of each block, the expected audience and the planned infrastructure.

“The fire department works to preserve lives and property. We are always available to legalize any type of event in the state, as long as it is in accordance with the legislation. We know that events generate jobs and income, but the law must be respected. We cannot have accidents and lose lives, as has happened in the past”, explained the Secretary of State for Civil Defense and General Commander of the Military Fire Brigade of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Leandro Monteiro.

The prefecture of the capital of Rio de Janeiro has already been informed about the decision, as well as the Military Police and Civil Police.

On the last 13th, a judicial decision determined a minimum fine of R$ 100,000 for carnival blocks that parade without prior authorization from the Fire Department. This goes for parades that receive sponsorship.

Also according to the Justice, it is up to the city hall to close the presentations of the authorized blocks, at most, up to one hour after the end.

Otherwise, the minimum fine was set at R$100,000 for each additional hour.

Source: CNN Brasil

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