First aid doctors in Moscow handed over a student to the police as soon as they found out that he was Ukrainian

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“Odessa student German Perutsky was found at the police station after a false complaint was made by first aid doctors, who considered him a suspicious” bodily young man from Ukraine “, writes the newspaper Novayagazeta.Europe, in its report with” O doctor said to send to Mordor! ”

The 23-year-old German arrived in Moscow in 2016 and is a student at MPIT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology).

On May 17, he felt bad in his heart, his blood pressure dropped and he had to call a doctor. But instead of helping the young man, the doctors suggested he go to the clinic in the area where he lives and “informed” the police by radio, saying that German quickly met them wearing black balaclava, while in the apartment they saw that there was a box with cables. When police arrived and searched the house, they found nothing. However, they took him to the police station where they detained him for a few hours. They called him “hacholo” (so they disparagingly call the Ukrainians – s.s.), tried to find out how he sees the “special military operation” (as it is officially characterized by the invasion of Ukraine – s.s.), and then photographed him, took him fingerprints and set him free.

The newspaper spoke to the young student who recounted his adventure with doctors and police.

“On the night of May 17, I called for first aid, the doctors came quickly. They were rude and did not want to deal with me. Suddenly they became interested when I told them I was from Ukraine. in the country the cholera epidemic, and that the Ukrainians are coming to Russia by typhoid. I told them that I am a student and that I have been in Moscow for five years.

After 10-15 minutes the doorbell rang. One of the neighbors opened the front door and I saw that police officers had come. I entered the apartment and locked it. The police started knocking on my door and telling me to open it.

When the so-called “special military operation” began, police began visiting apartments and checking on foreigners. They had come to me, but then I did not open, and this last time I did not want to open .. They started telling me that they should check if I live legally… after 20 minutes they cut off the electricity and asked the neighbors to give them the administrator phone.

The apartment is legally rented by my girlfriend who is also from Ukraine. I often live with her, and in the lease I am mentioned as a roommate, but I am officially registered as a tenant in the dormitory. ”

German describes how the manager gave the phone to the owner of the apartment, “he called and asked us to open the police, who said if we did not open the emergency department would open the door”, causing panic in his girlfriend.

“Then the police started saying something else. That the first aid doctors told them that there was” a big young man from Ukraine wearing balaclava and there is a box from which wires are hanging “in the apartment and they have to verify this information. I told them in surprise that there was no such thing in the apartment, but they started knocking on the door…. After 40 minutes they started to be afraid for some reason to approach the door and talked to me from the elevator, about five meters from the door. They were talking to each other and saying “I’re about to pee on myself. I do not know what they were imagining”.

“Later another policeman came and told me that at first I was talking to them and then I was suddenly silent, that they heard some noises…”

An hour later, says German, his panicked girlfriend asked him to open the door, behind which there was no one, but police were hiding behind the elevator in bulletproof vests, holding revolvers, and they were scared. . “The scene was comical. They did not want to come in and told me to approach with my hands up. They stuck me to the wall, searched my pockets and the others went into the apartment, where they did everything up and down. Then they took me to the car.” .

The young Ukrainian describes that after searching the whole house and finding nothing, they calmed down, as his girlfriend told him.

“German stayed at the police station for two hours, initially talking to the police officer who handed him over to a security guard who did not want to take him on, and as he was annoyed as he thought they wanted to give him another job, he cursed,” “I want him,” he said. he asked me to undress and he was looking to see if I had tattoos on my body. The less you talk the more intact you will be. my”.

The newspaper Novayagazeta.Europe publishes the whole revealing dialogue of the Ukrainian student with the security policeman.

Source: Novayagazeta.Europe


Source: Capital

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