First Cycle of the Permanent Sharing Offer has 11 blocks

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The National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) informed today (1st) that all 11 blocks available in the public notice for the Permanent Offer of Production Sharing (OPP), located in the pre-salt area, received a declaration of interest from the companies registered to participate in the 1st Cycle, scheduled for December 16th.

The nine companies already qualified for the 1st Cycle of the OPP have until the next 8th to submit declarations of interest and guarantees of additional offers for other blocks in addition to those for which they have already shown interest.


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Of the 11 blocks on offer, two located in the Campos Basin (Água Marinha and Turmalina) and four in the Santos Basin (Ágata, Esmeralda, Jade and Tupinambá), were originally planned to be offered in the 7th and 8th production sharing rounds. The Itaimbezinho and Norte de Brava blocks, located in the Campos Basin; and Bumerangue, Cruzeiro do Sul and Sudoeste de Sagitário, in the Santos Basin did not receive offers in previous bidding rounds.


On February 3 of this year, Petrobras expressed interest to the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) in the preemptive right in blocks to be tendered in the Permanent Offer System, under the production sharing regime. The company exercised its preemptive right in relation to the Água Marinha and Norte de Brava blocks, with a percentage of 30%, considering the parameters disclosed in the CNPE resolution.


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According to the ANP, the Permanent Offer of Production Sharing (OPP) system aims to contract, under the production sharing regime, the exploration and production activities of oil and natural gas in blocks located in the pre-salt polygon and of strategic areas, determined by the CNPE. In this system, the blocks are permanently available to interested regulated agents.

The cycles begin at the request of the registered agents, through the submission to the ANP of a declaration of interest, accompanied by an offer guarantee, for one or more available blocks.

To participate in an OPP cycle, the company must have its application approved; present a declaration of the blocks of interest accompanied by an offer guarantee; and present the documents for the technical, economic-financial, legal qualifications and proof of fiscal and labor regularity, pursuant to the public notice.

The ANP clarifies that the qualification to participate in a cycle of the Permanent Production Sharing Offer is mandatory and individual for each interested company, including those that intend to present an offer through a consortium.

The companies qualified for the PPP are Equinor Brasil Energia Ltda; Petrobras; Shell Brasil Petróleo Ltda; Chevron Brasil Óleo e Gás Ltda; BP Energy do Brasil Ltda.; Ecopetrol Oil and Gas do Brasil Ltda.; Petronas do Brasil Ltda.; Qatar Energy Brazil Ltd. and Total Energy EP Brasil Ltda.

Source: CNN Brasil

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