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First emergency housing units donated by the UN arrive in RS

The first emergency housing units from UNHCR (UN Agency for Refugees) arrived this week in Rio Grande do Sul. Another 200 homes and another 16 tons of basic necessities will be sent.

“Our items have started to arrive from the Boa Vista warehouse and later this week donations from UNHCR international will arrive, coming from Colombia, to support the emergency”, said UNHCR spokesperson in Brazil, Miguel Pachioni to CNN .

The housing units are the same as those used in Boa Vista (RR) by Venezuelan refugees. The equipment forms a buildable shelter that can be used the same day it is received.

The so-called Relief Housing Unit comes in two flat packs with the parts needed for assembly such as ceiling and wall panels, a lockable door and a solar-powered lamp and charger.

UNHCR employees embarked on the second weekend of May towards the Canoas military base, in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre.

The teams' focus is on supporting the management of temporary shelters and the needs of the population. Pachioni informed that in addition to the homes, another 16 tons of items will be sent over the next few days.

“In addition to sending essential items from our warehouses in Brazil and the region, we will support shelter management, monitoring the population's needs and sharing reliable information,” said Davide Torzilli, UNHCR representative in Brazil.

Among the items distributed are mattresses, blankets, clothes, tarps, water and hygiene kits. The actions also include carrying out the documentation process for the affected refugee population.

Source: CNN Brasil

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