First episode of She-Hulk released: critics are happy with the plot, but disappointed with the graphics

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Today, August 18, the first episode of the television show She-Hulk Lawyer was presented on the Disney Plus streaming service platform, which was more or less liked by film critics – most of the reviews are positive. And it is worth noting right away that the series has a completely different plot shade than the main films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – the developers of the show position the project as a comedy in which the main character, played by Tatyana Maslany, is shown in the context of various unusual situations in everyday life and at work – the struggle with various villains and global catastrophes fade into the background.

And while some of the comedy’s gags are questionable, She-Hulk’s showrunner is Jessica Gao (who also worked on Silicon Valley and Rick and Morty), so the humor in the frame is pretty good. Actually, the critics carped least of all about the dialogues of the characters, the scenes in the frame and the general storyline – according to the experts (they have already been shown four episodes), it is very good for such a show. Thanks to the storyline on Rotten Tomatoes, the freshness level is 94%, and the average score on Metacritic reaches 67 points. This, of course, is not an assessment of the best show in the history of Marvel, but the series is far from being a blockbuster to aim for high ratings.

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At the same time, most film critics in their reviews noted that although the series makes a good impression, its graphics are mediocre. Yes, the picture in the frame has become better compared to what the developers showed in the debut trailer, but still, the graphics still fall short even to the “Good” rating. She-Hulk looks unrealistic, and against the background of Bruce Banner it is even more noticeable. A little more went to the unsuccessful jokes, which were given too much screen time, and the uneven pace of the storytelling.

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