Fitvate – workouts in the gym and at home 8.8

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Fitvate is an easy-to-use mobile application for planning workouts at the gym and at home. With an extensive exercise library, workout plans (both at the gym and at home), workout planner, stretching exercises and health tips.

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Download the app NOW and get a home workout personal trainer and gym fitness trainer to take your workouts to the next level!

  • 💪 FREE GYM WORKOUT PLANS. Choose from many free workout plans, workout programs, or become a personal trainer at the gym and create your own workout plan. Each exercise is accompanied by detailed video explanations and video workouts so you can complete your workouts at the gym and at home according to your program and schedule.
  • 🏡 NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED, BUILD MUSCLE AND TONE YOUR BODY AT HOME! Fitvate now supports workouts at home too. Choose exercises for home workouts – no equipment required. Our workout instructor app offers home exercises, stretches and workout plans.

Fitvate is a free gym plan app that lets you find workout programs for men and women and become your fitness teacher. Use our workout plans as a personal trainer and see your body improve quickly!

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Our custom home workout plan or custom gym workout plan + exercise database for each muscle gives you effective workouts at the gym and at home.


Fitvate is like a personal trainer at home. Our home workout app also includes 30 and 60 day workout challenges to motivate you daily!


  • Our fitness trainer app works offline.
  • Home workouts
  • Online personal trainer at home.
  • No equipment is required for home workouts.
  • Stretching and warm-up.
  • Workouts for beginners, intermediate and professional workouts from gym mentors
  • 300+ exercises with HD videos offline in our app
  • Create your own custom workouts
  • Find workouts for each muscle group
  • Easy search for workouts
  • Text Instructions
  • Get regular health advice
  • Training videos from professional bodybuilders that show you the right technique and movements
  • Plan your workouts and exercise anytime, anywhere with one of the best free gym workout apps with personal trainer.

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