Flashlights, light bulbs, knives: Why do people flock to hospitals with increasingly strange objects in their anus?

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Fifty years ago it was called “social damage to the rectum”, thus giving a name to a more personal ritual that people did not want to know. Between 1993 and 2002, the incidents became more common: the University of Southern California General Hospital admitted a patient the month he had stuck or lost something in anus its for the first time.

Since then, emergency rooms have officially ceased to classify foreign bodies that remain in the rectum as an unusual reason for admission, according to a 2012 study by doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital.

In emergencies, doctors deal with the whole spectrum of life, death and everything in between. In these busy and always lit rooms, they save lives, prevent tragedies and sometimes witness our deepest awkward moments.

Over the years, the removal of foreign objects or the removal of objects from the mouths of the body, have become more and more common in the emergency rooms around the world. In most adult cases, the objects tend to be inserted on their own through the anus, vagina, and urethra for sexual pleasure and require medical intervention to recover.

But what do people put in their anus?

The answer is relatively easy but inconvenient. In addition to sexual aids doctors have removed from the area fruits and vegetables (cucumbers and bananas have the lion’s share with the roundest fruits to follow) kitchen utensils – including knives -, flashlights, light bulbs, steel or iron rods, knitting needles, shakers, shakers, and shakers drinks. Other items mentioned include pieces of wood, stones, spoons, metal cups, toothbrushes, handles of all kinds as well as broken glass.

In Pakistan and many parts of Asia, the phenomenon is reported relatively less compared to other countries, especially in Eastern Europe, which has the highest rate of cases of foreign bodies from the rectum. In Pakistani society (as in Western societies), sex and masturbation are considered taboo and always treated in the light of strict religious and cultural codes.

A recent study investigated cases of foreign bodies from the rectum, including those used for masturbation. The items found included a spray can, a candle, a plastic toothbrush case, beverage bottles and batteries. In cases involving objects used for sexual arousal through the urethra, pens, metal wires, headless nails, thermometers and pins have been reported.. The vast majority of recorded cases involved men between the ages of 15 and 80.

The question “why” that concerns scientists (and not only)

Sexual experimentation and people’s desire to enhance pleasure through pain were, according to scientists, some of the reasons behind why they and those trying to masturbate were experimenting with household items.

“The reason behind this is because human beings are very strange creatures. “They want to increase their pleasure by trying to use different kinds of objects,” sex therapist Tahira Rubab told VICE.

According to a survey of young men in the southern province of Sindh, 94 per cent of those surveyed admitted to masturbating, but 74 per cent of them associated it with guilt. Social moral policing and the lack of adequate sex education have led more and more people to suppress their sexual desires and concerns.

According to American hospitals, the people involved are often men who seek sexual arousal. In fact, according to the data, for every woman who puts something in her rectum, there are 37 men. Of these people, half found or suspected that they would find it erotic, while others were trying to cure constipation.

Research from Massachusetts General Hospital also reveals a darker side of this behavior: Others who end up with objects in their rectum try to harm themselves. But the majority of men who engage in self-introduction generally do so out of sexual curiosity.

One of the doctors who worked at the hospital and wrote the final report on the insertion of the objects into the anus gave a Freudian explanation. He suspected that a patient who stuck a vase where the sunflowers did not shine wanted, by filling the mouths of his body, to fill the void of his life from his relationship with his mother. His patient denied this explanation, however it was recorded as the official conclusion for his behavior.

Why did this anonymous patient — like so many others experimenting with life in general — really do it? Well, probably because it felt good. The rectum next to the rectum is ultimately the key to male sexuality: As a urological study in 1996 showed, cancer patients who had their prostate removed could not maintain a full erection and only one in four of these patients could she still has an orgasm that was as good as it was before surgery.

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