World Cheese Awards: This is the best cheese in the world

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Those of you who love (all kinds of) cheeses come after the fear of God, faith and love because we have some important news to announce to you as the best was found cheese of the world, at least for 2021.

This is a soft goat cheese from Spain that won first place in the annual World Awards Cheese.

The cheese, called Olavidia and is a product of a dairy that uses the brand name “Quesos y Besos” (Cheeses and Kisses), impressed the judges, who decided that this is the best cheese in the world.

The goat cheese with the characteristic black stripe in the middle made of ash was “matured with penicillium candidum and olive stone ash”, the judges commented.

THE British Judge Jason Hinds He told his colleagues shortly before they voted that goat cheese had a “rich, seductive, creamy texture” and “a taste that was full and warm”. typically reports CNN.

“I wanted to take him to bed with me and sleep with him,” Hinds said humorously.

For its part, the Sylvia Pelaeth, owner of the small cheese factory that produced the cheese, said: “We are a small humble cheese factory in the region of Jaen”, a town in southern Spain best known for its olives. “Everyday work has its rewards,” Pelaeth said Lacteos Romero Pelaez has only six employees.

As for how the competition was conducted, they came to it 250 judges, including food scientists, cheese sellers, chefs and sommelier. The process started with 88 tables in a large hall, in each of which there were three judges who tried and rated about 45 cheeses spread out in front of them on each table.

They focused on “the look, feel, smell and taste of each entry, rating aspects such as appearance, as well as the aroma, body and texture of the cheese, with the majority of points being awarded to the taste and feel in the mouth,” she said. organization website.

Then, in the final stage, man even more specialized jury of 16 judges not affiliated with cheese makers, decided which is the best cheese in the world.

The Olavidia goat cheese received a total of 103 votes and received the title of “world champion”, told CNN John Farad, CEO of the Guild of Fine Food based in the United Kingdom, which organizes the cheese awards. “The judges consider it the best cheese in the world. “This is definitely the cheese that is worth” wearing “the new crown”, he concluded meaningfully.

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