Floods in Germany: “Restore the good old sirens”

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The restoration of the sirens was demanded by the president of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, Armin Schuster, as the Digital warnings are not the right way to warn, he said, of recent deadly floods in Germany.

“Sirens play an important role in warning of disasters. A combination of warnings from different methods is required. Purely digital alerts are not the right way to alert. That is why we want to return to the good old sirens, “said Schuster, speaking on German public radio (Deutschlandfunk).

“With a € 90 million funding program, the sirens need to be relocated to the right places in cooperation with the federal states. 90 million will not be enough for something like that, so we need more money. “It cannot be done quickly, as this is a project that will last for several years”, added Souster.

Regarding the criticism that the warning of the population did not work well, Schuster stressed: “At the moment we are in the phase of ‘rescue, locating the missing, providing housing, etc.’ In fact, I forbade my colleagues to make any reference to the criticism of what had happened. “Now we are just helping.”

“Lassett rightly apologized for the laughter during Steinmeier’s interview about the floods”

North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister and Christian Democrat and Christian Social Democrat (CDU / CSU) Chancellor Armin Lasset rightly apologized for his behavior (laughing) on ​​the sidelines of a press conference with President Frank-Walter Schreiber according to Peter Altmeier, also a Christian Democrat economy minister.

“Obviously, a lot of people who noticed it felt very annoyed. “It’s good that Armin Lasset did the right thing (and apologized),” Altmeier told the Bild newspaper. “And I think it’s good and right that Armin Lasset apologized, because that was not appropriate on the occasion. And I think it was the right way to deal with this situation, which is really hard to watch. “

The minister also expressed understanding for the media’s criticism of Lassett’s behavior. “As politicians we have to live with the fact that our behavior is observed, that it is commented on. This applies to all parties. “Mrs Berbock must also tolerate the fact that her behavior is being observed and commented on.”

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