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Floods in RS: 50 state highways remain blocked in the state

On April 29th of this year, the heavy rains that hit Rio Grande do Sul began to impact the highways. On that date, the Federal Highway Police (PRF) recorded four sections of BR-386, which connects Canoas (RS) to Iraí (RS), with water on the road. As the situation worsened, in just five days, 63 points were completely or partially blocked due to water.

As of this Thursday afternoon (16), 50 sections are completely or partially blocked due to the floods, according to the PRF. Thus, just over 70% are total blockages and 22 municipalities are directly affected by the impediments.

The intense rain challenged security forces. Within a few days, the situation took on greater proportions and in addition to the blockades, our agents were focused on rescue operations, by land, water or air.

Douglas Paveck Bomfim, from the PRF of Rio Grande do Sul

Some blocked sections are only accessible for emergencies. In Porto Alegre, for example, it is only possible to pass through km 98 of BR-290 in cases of supply, relief, public services and other strictly necessary trips.

In addition to the accumulation of water, falling barriers also cause blockages, such as on BR-116, in Caxias do Sul.

Road reconstruction

The recovery of the road network in Rio Grande do Sul should cost around R$2.5 billion, according to estimates made by authorities in Rio Grande do Sul and the federal government.

The state government must hold a series of regional emergency meetings with mayors and deputy mayors of municipalities affected by the floods to discuss diagnoses and actions on roads and bridges impacted by rain and floods.

The meetings began on Friday (17) and lasted until Sunday (19).

Source: CNN Brasil

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