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Missinho, former vocalist and founder of Chiclete com Banana, dies aged 64

Edmilson de Amorim Ferreira, better known as Missinho at 64 years of age. First vocalist of the band Chiclete com Banana the singer was admitted to the Roberto Santos General Hospital and died of multiple organ failure.

Born in 1962, in Salvador, Bahia, the composer was responsible for the hits “Lua Menina”, “Mistério das Estrelas”, “Olhos da Noite”, “Jamaica”, “Beijo Cigano”, among others.

Missinho founded the band in the early 80s, when it was still called Scorpions. Just a year later the group gained the name we know today.

Due to personal dissatisfaction, the artist decided to pursue a solo career in 1986, passing his position as vocalist to Bell Marques. After releasing two albums, Missinho chose to work as a music producer and maintain a more private life.

Given his importance to axé, the singer was honored on the official Instagram of the band Chiclete com Banana. “It was a good time when he wanted to stay at Chiclete com Banana. His participation was of fundamental importance. He had space to show his talent, and he showed it.”

“He brought to us the need for authorship, he composed wonderful songs and played his instrument with great skill. He showed us the side of root forró and its importance”, they continued.

“Missinho de Mistérios nas Estrelas, Sementes and so many other songs that brought joy to many. May your sound echo loudly throughout every corner, carrying your poetry through the corners of joy and may your new path be filled with peace and musical notes that form chords of light wherever you go”, they concluded in the publication.

Source: CNN Brasil

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