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Floods in RS: Navy sends field hospital to perform surgeries

Forty marines embark this Tuesday afternoon (07) from the Galeão Air Base, in the north of Rio de Janeiro, heading to Canoas/RS.

With them, 18 health professionals from the Navy Expeditionary Medical Unit (UMEM) are traveling . In their luggage, the military took a field hospital with the capacity to operate up to 40 beds.

The director of the Navy's expeditionary medical unit, Frigate Captain Demóstenes Apostolides, explained that the idea is to have the hospital ready for treatment this Tuesday (07).

“It will be medical care from clinical, pediatric and we will also have the possibility of performing small general surgery procedures orthopedics, in addition to a composition of other people in the health sector such as psychologists, nurses, pharmacists and social workers”.

You Marines and healthcare professionals They boarded a KC 390 aircraft from the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) and are expected to arrive in Rio Grande do Sul at around 8pm.

According to the Navy, a total of 300 marines will be sent to the south of the country, in addition to the 75 soldiers who have already been in place since April 30th. 50 vehicles and 30 boats will also be sent.

The Commander of the Marine Operational Group in support of Civil Defense, sea and war captain Dirlei Donizeti, highlighted that among the vessels, the highlight is the Multipurpose Aircraft Ship (NAM) Atlântico, the largest warship in Latin America.

“The main activity today is saving lives. We still have news that people are stranded, isolated, in need of medicine, food, drinking water and, unfortunately, we also have news that people are being robbed and thrown. We will also guarantee security for the population of Rio Grande do Sul”, highlighted the commander”, concluded the Commander.

Source: CNN Brasil

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