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US completes construction of pier in Gaza to deliver aid

The United States completed this Tuesday (7) the construction of a pier intended for the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

“As of today, construction of both parts of the floating pier is complete and awaiting the movement of the tide,” announced Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh.

However, because of weather conditions, the US military is unable to move the pier into position to allow it to anchor in Gaza.

“Today, strong winds and high sea swells are still forecast, which are causing unsafe conditions for the pier components to be moved, so that parts of the pier and the military vessels involved in its construction are still positioned in the Port of Ashdod (in Israel),” said Singh.

Singh also said that while the movement of the pier depends on weather and safety conditions, the Department of Defense expects to have it in position “by the end of this week.”

A ship carrying tons of humanitarian aid will leave Cyprus and is expected to be the first to use the United States pier.

Source: CNN Brasil

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