Flowe and zeroCO2, together for a “sustainable revolution”

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The one started by Flowe with zeroCO2. Inspired by the revolution motion of Planet Earth around the Sun, the two realities have decided to join forces to give life to «Revolution», a rich program of green, virtual and real initiatives.

The project started on Sunday 18 April with a national day organized by the partners Plastic Free dedicated to the collection of plastic to clean up the most polluted beaches and cities in Italy. 140 localities involved, more than 15.

000 volunteers, 170,508 kg of waste collected and over 500 km of sieved national territory. “Participation, training, information and growth are the keywords of this activity, which we propose again for the second edition (the first in September 2020) less than a year after the birth of Flowe” he explains Ivan Mazzoleni, Cultural Energy Orchestrator (CEO) di Flowe. «We have less and less time to realize the imminence and extent of the environmental crisis and the most sensitive target today is that of young people, whom we are trying to involve more and more so that they become the protagonists of real change. Together with us there are many realities, first of all zeroCO2, which share our values ​​and our vision of the world and of society ».

Among the objectives green of 2021, also the planting of 2021 trees in collaboration with social agricultural cooperatives distributed in 20 Italian regions. An initiative with a high social impact, a characteristic that distinguishes zeroCO2 environmental projects. In fact, the partner cooperatives develop projects linked to social agriculture to support the job placement of fragile individuals. In Italy the forest cover in the last thirty years has increased by 25% and in the last 80 even of 75%. Today the forests occupy 11.4 million hectares, almost 40% of the national surface: 9.6 million are forests, 1.8 million other wooded areas. Italy is the second country in Europe for forest cover second only to Spain. The main reason? Urbanization and consequent abandonment of mountain and rural areas, where the forest has “returned” to occupy its original habitat.

«The first step in striving for a more sustainable and equitable planet is awareness raising. Revolution it is a project that aims to foster the awareness that every single person, every day, can do something for the planet ”he explains Andrea Pesce, CEO and founder of zeroCO2. “With Revolution we want to make a positive contribution to the need to responsibly address the climate and environmental situation. Through example and training, which is the engine of sustainability, we want to create a debate that stimulates interest and a critical sense ».

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