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Foggia, “gentleman” thief returns the stolen car with the bride and groom’s clothes

Being robbed is a painful experience, but it is even more so if objects with sentimental value end up in the thieves’ sights. It happened to a married couple on Sunday, right after the wedding. Husband and wife, residing in Rome, had returned to their country of origin, in the Monti Dauni, in Puglia, precisely for the wedding. After the ceremony, they had slept in a hotel that had a special agreement with the reception room, and they had stowed the wedding clothes in the passenger compartment of the cara Fiat Punto Evo.

The new husband had left the hotel the next morning to get a spare pair of shoes in the car, but when he got to the parking lot he realized that the car was gone. A bitter surprise especially for the wifewho was very fond of her wedding dress, and immediately appealed to the thieves to give her back at least that precious and significant dress.

The car was found just today, in the center of Foggia. The clothes, both those of the spouses and their little son’s ceremonial clothes, were still inside the car. And, on the front seat, there was a note: «Thief yes, but with a heart».

The couple wanted to thank «all the people who contributed to the discovery of the car and above all of the wedding dress. If there hadn’t been a real mobilization, this result would not have arrived. This morning we were contacted by the Carabinieri command who warned us of the discovery. At the moment we are on our honeymoon abroad and we are really happy with what happened».

And the “gentleman” thief? The lady did not want to say anything to him, nor did she express particular gratitude: “she made a gesture also prompted by the mobilization of citizens”.

Source: Vanity Fair

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