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Creator of series in which Meghan Markle acted says the Royal Family banned her from using double meaning words

“Suits” series creator Aaron Korsh has revealed that the British Royal Family has banned then-Princess Meghan Markle from uttering a written word for her character, lawyer Rachel Zane.

In an interview with the website “Hollywood Reporter”, Korsh explained that Markle, 42 years old, should say the word “poppycock”, which in free translation means “bullshit”.

The problem is that “cock”, in English, means “penis”, and the Royal Family did not want the internet to make a meme with a member of the royals uttering such a word.

“I will say, and I think Harry put that in the book, because I heard people talking about it – [a Família Real] gave your opinion on some things [no roteiro]”, began the creator. “Not a lot of things, by the way, but some things we wanted to do that we couldn’t, and it was a little annoying,” he continued.

Korsh stated that the banned phrase was, “My family would say that’s bullshit.”

To satisfy the request of the British royalty, the scriptwriters changed the word to “shit”, something that bothered the creator, since “bullshit” was written to joke with his own family, who use the term frequently.

“I didn’t like it because I had told my in-laws that [‘besteira’] I would be on the show,” he admitted.

Source: CNN Brasil

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