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Jojo Todynho x Val Marchiori: funk artist counters comment pointed out as fatphobic and socialite reacts

Singer Jojo Todynho used her social networks this Wednesday (30) to respond to socialite Val Marchiori’s comment about her intimate life. Network users considered the speech fatphobic.

In her podcast “Hello Val”, the socialite mocked an alleged performance by Jojo in bed.

“Can you imagine Jojo on top of that ex-husband? My God! Underdog! It’s the same as squeezing an orange like this [gesticulou as mãos]”, he said.

In the sequence, the socialite did not spare the bariatric surgery performed by the singer. “She had to. She was very heavy. Health, everything, right? Sexually… How does she do it?”, she continued.

The funk artist used her Instagram to respond to Marchiori.

“My good morning today is going to be very special, it goes to you, Val, who still bothers me today. [Você] He doesn’t accept the fact that I was the muse at the Vogue ball, nor that I posed for Vogue. And you, who are the standard, wonderful woman, were never called”, shot Jojo.

“Let me tell you something: I love being orange, because it’s good to be sucked. Now, passion fruit makes you sleepy, and not everyone likes it”, joked Jojo.

Finally, the singer vented about always being the target of mean comments.

“Guys, one thing I give thanks to God, I don’t need to talk about anyone. I don’t need to leave my house to record a podcast, I get paid sitting at home, to speak ill of anyone. I want you to fuck off. I worry about my life, about myself. I don’t care, but people are happy to poke me, because my brightness bothers them. I don’t talk about anyone, but then when I hit [sic] the terror… But it’s all right, all right”, concluded the funk artist.

With the negative repercussions of her comment and Jojo’s response, Val also used the social network to respond to the funk artist.

“Jojo Todynho, look, you’re really right, you do deserve to be the muse at the Vogue ball, you’re prettier, prettier. Let’s do this, let’s make up Jojo. I want to invite you to come to my podcast so we can do an interview and become friends. Are you okay, Jojo? I am an orange [confundiu com maracujá-de-gaveta] but we are happy like that. I love you Jojo, stop fighting with me”, said the socialite in her stories.

Source: CNN Brasil

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