“For 2022, the most important thing is for the country to focus on the economy,” says Abilio Diniz

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This Wednesday (8), in an interview with CNN Brazil, businessman Abilio Diniz spoke about the political scenario for 2022 and the importance of the country’s growth through the economy, with the generation of opportunities for the most vulnerable as a key point for development.

“We have to focus on 2022, I think the most important thing for the country is to focus on the economy, this country needs to grow. I spent 10 years of my life working for the government, as a member of the National Monetary Council, and I was always concerned about growth with income distribution”, said Diniz.

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“We are not going to distribute income, we are not going to make the vulnerable get out of the poverty line and grow, if we do not have growth in the country, then this is our focus,” added the businessman.

Commenting on the political scenario for the 2022 presidential elections, Abilio Diniz stated that he will not position himself in favor of any candidate. But, he believes that the election next year will be important for the moment the country is going through, of “skepticism”.

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“The 2022 election is very important for the moment the country is living through, we are at a time of great concern, great skepticism. It’s not all bad, we’re not worse than the others, we’re a country with immense possibilities for growth,” he said.

For the businessman, the economic proposal of the presidential candidates will be similar in terms of the presentation of the country’s growth projects.

“It’s not for me to say whether I’m satisfied or not, that’s what we have. We have Bolsonaro running for reelection, we have Lula who will undoubtedly be a candidate, we have Sergio Moro, João Doria, Ciro, Felipe d’Avila, who is my son-in-law, I try to leave independently of any candidate. I want to be able to analyze what is best for our country, the economic proposals of the candidates will not be very different from each other”, he stated.

TO CNN, Abilio Diniz said he believes that the next elections will bring the discussion “fundamentally of the economy”.

“This election moment is a very special moment, where the economy will be fundamentally discussed, what will be done in terms of the economy in that country. We have to be concerned about the growth of this country. What the candidates will say will be fundamental, and we have to pay attention to what will happen next year.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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