Forgotten corridor: don’t ignore it, decorate it like this

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The corridor, for many one of the most neglected spaces in the house, is the dividing space between one wing of the house and the other. It is often difficult to furnish, both because it is a passageway rather than a real room, and because it often has a limited size and the risk is to fill it too much, making it seem even less spacious.

Yet, it is the favorite space of every furniture professional because it is highly customizable and full of stimuli to create perfect tailor-made furnishings.

How, then, to transform a long and – almost always – narrow corridor, conceived simply as a passageway between the rooms, into a practical place to multiply the storage spaces in the home?

We have identified four options that can represent a solution to the dilemma of how to furnish and keep this environment in order with the help of the experts of Houzz Inc., the online platform that deals with renovation and design.

Catwalk lights
Like an illuminated walkway, even the corridor, with a few tricks and plays of light, can turn into a really pleasant place. In the case of wide corridors, it is advisable to place low consoles that act as containers and of decorate the walls with large paintings, especially if the ceilings are very high.

Being a space in itself dark lighting must be studied appropriately: for the paintings, the spotlights positioned above the works give greater prominence to them and make the colors more vivid.

On the other hand, in the case of old-fashioned corridors, very long and narrow, it is necessary to choose light colors so that the space appears wider and brighter. Small swiveling spotlights along the entire length of the corridor are very much in vogue.

Watch the floor
When the walls are not too full and the corridor is only a passageway, the floor can become a strong point, if decorated in the right way. The corridor, in its essence, is the perfect space for floors with outstanding graphics and geometric solutions obtained, for example, from the use of wallpapers and special painting effects.

The situation is different when it comes to a corridor used as an entrance where the floor becomes an integral part of the environment. It is in this case that the interior designers and experts on Houzz suggest neutral floors that do not have to contrast with the rest, but that are a winning combination with particular coatings such as deliberately scenographic wallpapers, mirrors for the last look before going out and support furniture to hold everything we need before going out.

Wall niches and bookcases
A important library that climbs up to the ceiling embracing all the space available is the first solution you think of when you are looking for a space for books. There are virtually no limits to the size that the bookcase can assume, if not that of the size of the walls: with the help of a good professional, it will be possible to exploit every available centimeter.

Even the construction of a wall niche to be filled with some shelves obtained in the space available between one pillar and another, it may be the right choice. The distance between the shelves can be increased so as to give greater breadth to the volumes, preferring a feeling of order and greater space to a greater capacity.

Contain or exhibit?
Every detail of a corridor can be transformed into a great opportunity but it is always necessary to understand your needs. Hide and keep order or show with the risk of having a more messy, but absolutely personalized result?

For example, the space for shoes and coats is often difficult to find but it is in the corridor that they find their most comfortable place. A sliding door wardrobe it helps to contain them and the tidier can be satisfied because nothing is ever out of place.

On the contrary, many love to place at the entrance open-air clothes hanger stand, perfect for both guests and those who live in the house, the coat is always at hand. Containing or exhibiting is therefore not a real dilemma. Rather, it is better to choose what to showcase, minimal and well-refined, and what to leave out of sight, for example with thin wardrobes, retractable shelving or custom-made sliding walls.

In the gallery some design ideas for furnishing and personalizing the corridors of the house.

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