Former Apple developer is working with Ledger on a new crypto wallet

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The creator of the iPod Classic came up with a new design for Ledger crypto wallets, based on what a stack of cash looks like.

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Cold wallet provider Ledger has announced a new product the company is building with former Apple developer Tony Fadell, who built the original iPod. The new wallet was announced at the Ledger Web3 event in Paris, called the Ledger Stax.

The new device will reportedly be credit card-sized with a large E link display, Bluetooth support, wireless charging, and a touchscreen. The wallet display will be curved: so that information can be displayed “on the spine”. Ledger said that each device will be equipped with magnets, with which cold wallets can be connected to each other in a pile – hence the name of the model.

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Design Fadell developed, relying literally on a pile of cash. He imagined what a pile of modern money would look like. If you connect several devices, they will look like a bundle, and information about the account will be immediately visible on the folding spine.

The release of the crypto wallet is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023, and the product will cost $279, which is significantly more expensive than any previous devices from the company, including the $149 Nano X.

Earlier, Ledger denied rumors that it collects information about its users, assuring that all data used by the service is inviolable.

Source: Bits

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