Fôrno, famous house in the center of SP, holds a street festival dedicated to pastrami

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January 14th is celebrated in the United States as the pastrami day . In Brazil the date has not yet gained so much strength, but if it depends on the Oven house of the same owners of the Holy Burger and who lives with a queue at the door of diners looking for their perfect coxinha of pastrami, pizzas, sandwiches and other delicacies, that will change.

on the day January 14th, on a saturday, the house that sells five tons of pastrami per month and is headed by the chef Filipe Fernandes will receive grills and renowned chefs to prepare recipes based on beef, pork, lamb and even octopus pastrami. “We decided to celebrate this date since pastrami is the flagship of Fôrno”, says Fernandes.

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The chef also adds that contrary to what many people believe, pastrami is not the marinated and smoked beef brisket . Pastrami is a conservation technique which can be applied to different types of inputs – even fish and seafood.

And the fact is that even nowadays, where it is already possible to freeze and preserve food for long periods, pastrami continues to be used and loved by many, since it promotes an unparalleled texture and flavor.

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The event will be a street festival, next to the restaurant at Rua Cunha Horta, 44, and will feature Patrick Maia and A Banda que Nunca Se Viu to liven up the food.

Among the guest chefs are Filipe Fernandes, Jelly and Raphael Moura with a beautiful burger with pastrami; Romulo Morente and Thiago Maeda with Gói Cuon of beef cheek pastrami; Ligia Karazawa and Bruno Panhoca with Pastrami Sando; João Gertel and Caio Alciati with a termite pastrami taco; Ju Tricate and Gabriel Coelho with the delicious tongue pastrami bread; Paul Cho and Silas Gomes with lamb pastrami pizza; Henrique Behling and Enrique Villela with octopus pastrami and pork pastrami; and Marianna Mota and Samila Trindade with a pineapple pastrami.

Oven: Rua Cunha Horta, 44, from 12 noon. Free entrance and consumed items charged separately.

Source: CNN Brasil

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