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Four Erdogan – Macron tomorrow in Prague

The President of France Emmanuel Macron he is expected to meet tomorrow, Thursday, in Prague, on the sidelines of the summit of the 44 states of the European Political Community (EPC), with the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, diplomatic imgs close to the Champs-Élysées palace in Paris said today.

The same imgs also said that bilateral meetings of Macron with the prime ministers of Britain, Serbia and Kosovo have already been agreed, without ruling out the possibility of other bilateral meetings being agreed in the coming hours.

As they even mentioned, the fact that within the framework of the EPK summit there will be four round table discussions (two of which will concern the issue of peace and the other two the issue of energy), offers the possibility to the heads of state and government to have some, even short, contacts with each other.

Regarding the substance of the “44” summit, French diplomatic imgs emphasized that it is the first since the proposal for the EPK was submitted by President Macron in May, as well as that its nature will be relatively “relaxed” .

To a certain extent, it will also be of a recognition nature, so that it will gradually be institutionalized that once or twice a year the 27 EU leaders will meet together with the other 17 European leaders on issues of pan-European interest. The next EPC summit is expected to take place in Spring 2023, most likely in a country outside the EU, with Britain and Moldova already declaring their willingness to host it.

Finally, with regard to the informal summit of the 27 that will take place on Friday in Prague, French diplomatic imgs said that it will focus on energy, as well as the coordination of national policies regarding the economic aspect of the crisis

Source: News Beast

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