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FPS Test 3D Benchmark 68.0

Tolan Benchmark – GPU Test 3D + GRC Booster uses mobile and stock shaders and settings to test the frame rate of a device in a live scene.

With various global graphics settings, you can check your device’s GPU limits and FPS behavior.

You can also apply an automated test that runs a 3-step test on your device. As a result of this test, your device receives a score, which is stored in our databases to compare devices with each other around the world in the Top 100 list for benchmarking!

Game Booster is now at your service. Remove running background apps, clear cache and speed up your device.

🔥Settings are listed below;

– Quality settings

– Sound settings

– Shadow settings

– Texture settings

– Shader settings

🔥In the game scene, you can check;

– Current FPS

— Max. FPS

– min. FPS

– average FPS and total score

🔥This app includes;

– Android Test – Device Accelerator

– FPS test

– Performance monitoring in games

– Opengl renderer

– Vulkan renderer

– Shader options

– 3D graphics

HDR Game Graphics

– HDR image quality

– System performance monitoring

– Monitor system information

— System stability check

– Graphics Render Level

Source: Trash Box

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