France: Five dead from the storms that hit Corsica

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Fierce storms battering the western Mediterranean since Tuesday have killed five people in Corsica, according to the latest tally from local authorities. There are more than 20 injured and three of them are hospitalized in a critical condition.

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After successive heat waves and drought, storms and wind gusts of up to 224 km/h also caused a lot of property damage. The coast guard had to intervene several times for rescues at sea.

On land, three people aged between 13 and 72 were killed when they were crushed by uprooted trees and roofs blown away by the wind. A 62-year-old fisherman and a woman kayaking died at sea. Among the injured is a 23-year-old Italian tourist.

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35,000 households and businesses remain without electricity on the island, as reported by a representative of the EDF company.

However, the French meteorological service Météo-France lifted the alarm it had issued since the morning, since the front of the storms is now moving east, towards Italy.

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