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France is taking war lessons from Ukrainian soldiers it is training for combat

THE France will spend 300 million euros to educate about 7,000 Ukrainian soldiers to be sent to the front line, but in reality she is taking lessons war.

Recently the Ukrainian forces accused Paris of insufficient training and they are not wrong. The French army insists on counterinsurgency tacticsas in Mali, with except for the Foreign Legionwhich but it is based on doctrine where is not suitable for widespread use in a regular army with an expiration date.

So the French army briefly put aside the role of instructor and became a student, taking advice from the Ukrainians, who are now the only veterans in the Western axis. In accordance with Politico, the criticisms concerned two strands. Firstly, the tactics and secondly the equipment.

In particular, the French were observed to they follow the air superiority rule to the lettersince they have learned to fight in places where the enemy has no air power, such as Central and West African countries. Second, there have been strong criticisms of the equipment.

The French army, due to contracts with the USA, receives a lot of military equipment – apart from the domestic industry – from the other side of the Atlantic, which it modifies based on its needs. However, applying his historical tactics from the 19th century, it mostly follows fashion, resulting in a lot of gear not actually being suitable for combat.

Typically, the Ukrainians reported that the boots are so complex that the work in the mud can be done by a farmer’s boot rather than an expensive military boot.

When knowledge becomes action

Since then, Mr French army adjusted its tactics and reportedly learned valuable lessons, based on Kiev’s comments. Most, trains soldiers with the idea that there is no such thing as air superioritywhile their learns to use everyday tools as weapons.

Alongside, puts drone operators to actually fly unmanned aircraftso that they get used to handling them, while puts dead animals on virtual battlefields to teach soldiers the “smell of death”.

“Drone crews fly to get used to aerial surveillance,” said an anonymous French officer, adding that “we put corpses with dead animals so they can learn the smell. When they get to the front, there will definitely be a shock and my role is to contain that shock.”

Source: News Beast

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