France: Macron’s minister under investigation after allegations of attempted rape

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THE Minister Its solidarity FranceDamien Abad, is at the center of a police investigation, as he has been formally charged with attempted rapeby a woman who complains that the incident took place in 2010.

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In particular, the lawsuit was filed on Monday by this woman who claims that Abad tried to rape her during a party organized at his home in Paris, the first quarter of 2010.

According to Reuters, the testimony of this woman, who uses the nickname “Leticia”, was published in mid-June by the research site Mediapart. According to this img, this is an “elected” who is close to the center and, at the time of the events he complains about, he was the president of a federation of the youth movement of the “New Center”. The president of the “New Center” was then Abad, who had been elected MEP.

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The minister’s lawyer, Benoit Samper, told BFMTV television station that “the facts described in the article are false” and that his client is “completely innocent”.

On Monday, the minister once again disputed the allegations and announced that he would file a defamation suit himself. “This is an attempt to intimidate the other victims,” ​​said Rafael Bialkievic, the prosecutor’s lawyer.

As reported by the French Agency, “Leticia” is the third woman to accuse the minister of sexual assault. On 20 May, one day after he was appointed Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Disability, two women accused him of raping them in 2010 and 2011. One of them had previously filed two lawsuits, which were filed without a follow-up. Regarding the second complaint, the Paris prosecutor’s office stated that they could not conduct an investigation due to lack of information that would allow “the victim of the reported events to be identified”.

In 2012, Abad became the first disabled member of the French National Assembly. He suffers from a rare syndrome, arthritis, which is characterized by contractions of the joints and restricts the patient’s movement.

Source: News Beast

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